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Redfield Group security personnel are given the confidence to perform well at their jobs through comprehensive training. Our goal is for every security guard to be knowledgeable and responsive when fulfilling their duties.

Redfield is constantly working to expand our course portfolio and improve the student experience. Redfield support staff are available 24/7 to assist you throughout your training. Redfield has pioneered the latest in web-based instruction for the private security industry.

Our support personnel are available by phone or email 24/7 to assist you in your studies. Our online courses are fully compatible with your web browser on smartphones! Don’t be tied to a desk, study wherever and whenever you choose.

frequently asked questions and important links

Do Redfield Group courses meet Ministry guidelines?

Yes. All of our courses are designed to exceed Ministry requirements and prepare you for your exams.

Does training with Redfield Group guarantee me employment?

Although we cannot hire everyone that we train, we offer industry leading training to best prepare you for working in the Security Industry.

How do I receive my confirmation number that I have completed a training course?

Redfield will submit your training results to the Ministry and email you your confirmation number shortly thereafter (typically within 24-48hrs).

Where do I write the Ministry exam?

SERCO DES Inc. is the Ministry provider for examinations. Register for your exam here:


Once you have received confirmation of a PASS mark on your exam, download and complete your application for a Security Guard and/or Private Investigator license here:

Application Form

Instructions on completing the application are available here:

Application Guide